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Astrological Chart $100/Hr 1 Hour Minimum

This is a great reading to have done at least yearly because it addresses everything and anything. When things are going smoothly, annual chart readings are great; however, during our more difficult times or active, transitional periods, every 6 months or quarterly, is extremely insightful. This reading is a basic general reading in that it is not focused on just one area. An Astrological Chart reading gives you the whole spectrum. When I do an astrological reading, I focus on three separate charts per individual. First, we look at the Natal chart, a photograph of the solar system from the exact place of your birth at the exact time for insight into that persons path, personality, and gifts and challenges, as well as the promise life offers in the chart. Next, I create a Progressed Chart to see how the natal planets have moved and our interacting now for the person. This chart tells much about what is going on now and how they are handling it in comparison to the natal chart. Finally, I create a Transit Chart to see how the energies of the planets in the sky are mingling with the Progressed and Natal planets to help the person gain clarity and better understand their path and situations. In order to really get to the bottom of the issues, these three charts unfold the unique potential for transformation. Knowledge is power and I believe this to be true.

Relocation Charts $100/Hr 1 Hour Minimum

This is a great reading for individuals who are thinking about moving. I consult the transit charts of each of the places you live or are thinking of living and compare them to your Natal and Progressed Charts. I find this to be exceptionally useful for those who are on the fence and not sure which direction to go.
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Electional Astrology Charts $100/Hr 1 Hour Minimum

This reading is designed to help conscious individuals really capitalize on the energy of the planets for specific dates of importance. Anyone embarking on opening a business, getting married, buying a house, getting divorced, etc should ABSOLUTELY check the transits of the planets when they pick the date. You wouldn’t want to get married when Mars and Venus make a square to each other, just like you wouldn’t buy a car you never test drove. Electional astrology is a great tool to help you really get an edge or a little extra help from the universe to make whatever your endeavor more successful.

Synastry Charts $100/Hr 1 Hour Minimum

Synastry charts are great readings for those looking for information on their interactions with a partner. Sometimes in relationships, there are issues that keep creeping up and you get lost in the process of trying to fix it or you just don’t know what to do or what is going on. If you need some insight into a relationship, I will basically look at the Natal, Progressed and Transit Charts of the partners to see the strengths, weaknesses and overall compatibility of the two involved and the unique issues to be balanced for that particular pairing of individuals. I find this reading to be useful in maintaining and understanding the relationship. This reading helps you understand the core issues that need to be addressed and worked on without blaming or finding fault in either party, but instead you gain invaluable insight, which usually allows immediate peace for the person getting the reading. I think everyone in a long-term relationship with hopes for the future should have this done because you will gain so much understanding that it helps you really keep it going strong.
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Planetary Returns $100/Hr 1 Hour Minimum

When you are born, the planets are at a certain place. Eventually, the same planet returns to the exact place it was the moment you were born. These returns are significant and revolutionary for an individual’s development and various challenges and changes. Many times the return period is difficult, and so I find that if you are aware of when it is happening, its implications and how it interacts with your Natal and Progressed Charts, the return can be quite insightful and beneficial, not to mention you will get through it a lot easier and consciously. There are several different kinds of returns. Feel free to email me regarding the different returns if you are interested in the other planets. I definitely recommend the following:
  • Saturn Return Chart- active around 29.5 years
  • Solar Return- Annually around your birthday
  • Lunar Return- Monthly (emailed only- $40)

Classes I Teach

  • Manifesting 101: An introductory course to teach the fundamental universal laws of attracting abundance, prosperity, love, health success and more in a way that is easy with instant gratification.

  • New Moon Manifesting: A monthly series designed to teach individuals about how the monthly NEW MOON’s vibrational orbit and movements are affecting us each, so that you can begin capitalizing on its unique effects. Live the life you deserve in a conscious way.


  • Intro to Astrology: A personal approach to astrological self- awareness. This class focuses on an introduction to each of the signs, planets and houses by looking at the individual students chart and explaining its dynamics at a beginners level.


  • Astrology, Planets of the Zodiac: An interactive course for those interested in learning about the Science of Astrology. Each week the class will focus on a specific planet in the zodiac and the house it rules.


  • Clearing Karma & Obstacles the EASY WAY: A class devoted to self- awareness and healing techniques. You will learn easy exercises to help you shift the unconscious energy keeping you down, so that you can begin to create your divine life. Each week will build upon the previous exercises and some homework is required. Spiritual Growth Mentorship: When a student is ready, a teacher appears. If you are looking for a spiritual mentor, email me. I mentor on an as needed basis.


For information on booking classes, seminars or motivational speaking appearances, email me. Other additional topics are available on demand.

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Channeling $50 1 Hour Minimum

This is a great reading and it is totally unique to the individual. I will go into meditation and sometimes a trance and call in the angels, spirit guides, animal totems, etc to give me the information you need for your highest good. Every channeling session is unique. If you want more information, read the about me page. This reading can be emailed or done on the phone or in person if location permits.

Clearings & Healings $50 1 Hour Minimum

Sometimes our physical space or energetic space becomes cramped, over- crowded or invaded by others, events, or environmental influences and they need to be cleared. I will clear the unconscious negative blocks or influences so that you can remove the stagnant energy holding you back from experiencing your divine destiny. Usually my session ends with a homework assignment for the client to further progress my work. I find these clearings to be essential to those making a major transition in life, opening a location or changing an existing one, depression, illness, or those making a physical move or having individuals move in or out of their house.
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Tarot Readings $30 1 Hour Minimum

Tarot readings are a great way to get immediate information on a particular situation. I do email tarot readings for many clients and I have found these to be quite insightful and rather economical. I do this for myself on at least a monthly basis. I ask that you focus on a particular topic, like: love, career, health, etc. I will do a reading for you and email you my findings. My readings focus on 12 cards that give you a solid understanding of what is going on and what you can expect if you do nothing. I like this reading because you can see where you are heading and really make the most of your free will to create the situation of your desires.

Rune Readings $15 1 Hour Minimum

Rune readings are great insight if you just are feeling stuck and need a boost. If you just need some type of guidance, but aren’t looking for a whole lot of depth into a situation. I email these to you and I find runes to be helpful when I just need a little push or I am feeling temporarily blocked and just want a tad bit more information.

Ask a Question $15 or 2 for $20 1 Hour Minimum

Just got a quick question? This is a simple way to get an answer and usually I can respond pretty quickly. Your answer(s) will be sent by email. Just pay and ask away!!
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