I have been doing intuitive work my whole life.  As long as I can remember, I have always just known things.  As a young child, I displayed a unique gift of connecting with people and speaking to them in miraculous ways.  I would just know things I had no way of knowing.  There would be no way to even explain how I would know them, other than it was just a strong nagging feeling inside of me that would not go away.  People would come to me naturally, and words just flow out of me.  The weird part is when words flow out that aren’t mine, like something is inside of me speaking very eloquently through me. 

As I grew into my own person and more mature, I began studying metaphysical topics such as Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Past Life Regressions and chanting.  My interest and gifts grew as I grew and I began channeling and doing angel writing as a young adult.  My focus now is on channeling using my guides and tools to enhance my understanding of the messages I receive.  To be a channel, you must be open to all of the tools the universe offers you.  Each person is unique and their guides speak in many different forms.  Some use tarot cards or runes, some just whisper in my ear, others use an astrological chart, some use my hand to write, and now you get the point.  Each reading is different in its form, but essentially I am able to use any of the tools available.  I love using astrology because it not only takes into account your messages, it also serves to introduce the vibration our space is operating at.  Earth is a funny place, and the planets give clues and reveal the weather so to speak of our home. 


I have come to a place of awe when I do readings because I know how divine it is.  I feel very lucky to be able to help those who come to me in need.  It is my calling.  I am more than just psychic.  My preference is not to be known as a “psychic” because of the negative association and hokey pokey myths surrounding that word.  What I do is real and intense and most importantly, meant to direct people on their divine path.  I am not a fortune-teller who sits staring at a crystal ball with a silk wrap around my head.  I have been given the gift to connect with the energy realm that you can not see.  I am almost caught in the middle of two worlds… two frequencies… given a task to connect them.  I can help you clear the obstacles in your life, so that you can live the life you truly desire and deserve.  Many blessings await you and when you are ready, you will awaken.  I invite you to start your journey, and I can definitely help.  The universe is a gentle and perfect entity and our human realm can not fathom its perfection.  But it all is perfect, we each just have the task of finding our place within the perfection.  This is a struggle for all of us, because most of us don’t feel that we deserve it or can’t fathom it as a conscious reality.  My job is to listen to your guidance and communicate it to you in a way that makes a profound difference in your reality.  I feel honored to be able to do this for all people who need me.





I think that my readings are unique for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I focus on empowering the individual to create their divine reality from the inside out. It is the job of the individual to transcend their reality from what it is to what they truly desire. There are many psychics who use their gifts to ensure constant business for themselves by creating a need in the individual to constantly consult with them. This practice is not my focus. I use my gifts to assist you on your journey with the goal in mind that you eventually will not need me because I guide you back to your divine path with my insight. I think my readings are also unique because of my philosophy. My readings are not pre-destined outcomes… at any given moment you have free will to change, co-create or direct your own destiny. My advice is meant to guide you and assist you in making your decisions and life what you really want it to be. Creating the life you truly want requires reconditioning the mind to operate at a more spiritual level. You have to change how you think and in a way, go against the ideas of lack, struggle, and difficulties being the path to fulfillment and success. You have to avoid fear and other negative energy states that are constant in the world we live in… however, once you do it and you start getting immediate results, you will wonder how or why you lived any other way. I have spent many years of my life researching and learning the laws of our universe and I can teach you simple and life changing practices to start using in your everyday life. The results are amazing and life changing. Finally, I think my readings are unique because they encompass many different techniques to give the client a feeling of completeness and understanding. I do not employ a “one size fits all” approach; instead, I focus on the individual needs of a particular client to give them a very thorough understanding of the information I receive. Each consultation is an exceptional help on your path of fulfillment because I use many tools of the universe to get you the information you need to really move you on your way. Many people seek a reading because their lives are so stuck, whether they are confused, upset, curious or lost, but one thing seems to be a common thread—they are stagnant. I believe stagnation silences our soul and keeps of from experiencing happiness. I pride myself on the fact that after a session, my clients feel positive, in control and directed with all their questions answered. Because of the intense nature of each consultation, I do recommend that the client spend some quiet time processing their experience. People come to me because they are sent to receive a message and need to align with their spiritual path for their own highest good, so it is important that they take time to really just be and rest. Allowing silence and quiet or meditation can really help one become clear and centered which ultimately aids the person quickly on their way. I feel very honored and grateful for the work I do and truly enjoy working with my clients. I am in awe of the messages I receive and their accuracy and thankful to have this gift to help people on their spiritual path. When you are in need, I am here to help.

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